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商戶 : 香港雙節棍總會
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簡介 : 香港雙節棍總會2016年成立,創始人劉萬梁經過多年的研究,並周遊列國深入各地雙節棍組織走訪交流,充分繼承中國傳統武術精髓並融合近現代雙節棍技術,開世界雙節棍發展之先河,形成了獨特而完整的教學、訓練雙節棍八級八段體系。

年齡範圍: 兒童(15歲或以下), 青年(15-24歲), 成人(24-65歲), 長者(65歲或以上)

語言: 廣東話, 普通話, 英文

人數: 1對1, 2至4人, 多於4人

教學模式: 面授, 網授

時間: 60分鐘

價錢: $300-800

服務地區: 東區, 九龍城區, 觀塘區, 深水埗區, 油尖旺區, 葵青區, 荃灣區, 屯門區, 元朗區

The Hong Kong Nunchaku Association

The Hong Kong Nunchaku Association (HKNA) was founded in 2016 by Jerry Lau, a veteran in Nunchaku research for many years.  He visited Nunchaku associations in various parts of the world to share his ideas and expertise before merging the skills and essence of traditional Chinese martial arts with modern Nunchaku practices.  His dedication and drive to promote the martial art form led to the setting up of the HKNA, which has “Civility, Gratitude, Focus, Perseverance, Self-confidence, Self-discipline, Duty [and] Sharing” as its motto.  Uniquely designed courses and tutorials for Nunchaku are offered, with an Eight Levels Assessment System identified by Dan - belts of different colours representing the practitioners’ level of skills.  They also signify the Association’s discipline in strengthening the practitioners’ codes of practices.  

The HKNA is taking proactive steps to expand its base by connecting and assimilating groups and individuals of Nunchaku across the globe to form an alliance; to promote Nunchaku culture and the dissemination of skills; to organise training tutorials, competitions and technique exchange platforms; to conduct research on the history of Nunchaku; to organise seminars and forums for professional practitioners to deliberate upon the Nunchaku system, categories, and techniques; to explore the development of new products and new techniques; and to set up a certification system for related products produced in various countries and help in promoting them.



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