LOPE Spanish樂學西班牙語中心 開放報名

發表日期: 11/26/2022
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LOPE Spanish樂學西班牙語中心 開放報名
商戶 : LOPE Spanish Education Group Limited
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聯絡方式 : 28389001/94671524
地址 : Room B, 1/F, Nelson Court, 45 Waterloo Road, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
簡介 : LOPE Spanish Education Group LimitedA Spanish learning centre established in 2021 is based in Hong Kong. We offer Spanish courses for all age groups, suitable for all learning goals. We offer group, semi-private and private classes.

年齡範圍: 兒童(15歲或以下), 青年(15-24歲), 成人(24-65歲)

語言: 英文

人數: 1對1, 2至4人, 多於4人

教學模式: 面授, 網授

時間: 60分鐘

價錢: $275-$300

服務地區: 油尖旺區


🤔您是否正在猶豫該學習什麼語言? 何不選擇西班牙語?💬



LOPE Spanish中心提供各種類型的課程,切合不同年齡和各種學習目標。🎯




🤔Thinking about learning a new skill? Why not choose Spanish!💬
Learning Spanish gives you an edge in today’s globalized world🌏 and enables you to connect with millions of people around the globe.👥 Whether you are planning to study abroad or moving to another country, Spanish will always be your best choice of language to learn!

If you are reading this post, you have the right place!📍 LOPE Spanish offers a wide range of Spanish courses catered for all ages and every learning goal.🎯

Check out our post about the features of our centre and see how we strive to provide the best learning environment. 📔

🥾You are only one step away from connecting with the world! 🌐

📲Contact us for more detailed information and sign up now!

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Tel: 28389001

Whatsapp: 94671524  WhatsApp查詢報名詳情


FB: LOPE Spanish Education Group



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