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簡介 : Developed by our in-house educationalists, Messy Go Play™ is a home-visiting progressive-based program. It offers your toddlers a unique opportunity for both independent and collaborative learning.

年齡範圍: 兒童(15歲或以下)

語言: 廣東話, 普通話, 英文

人數: 1對1

教學模式: 面授

時間: 每堂45/90分鐘

價錢: 個別查詢

服務地區: 中西區, 東區, 南區, 灣仔區, 九龍城區, 觀塘區, 深水埗區, 黃大仙區, 油尖旺區, 離島區, 葵青區, 北區, 西貢區, 沙田區, 大埔區, 荃灣區, 屯門區, 元朗區, 其他(彈性或無固定地點)

Messy Go Play™



👶視乎bb發展階段,課程內容會分Level 1-4




📲有興趣請掃以下QR code / email 至[email protected]


Messy Go Play™

👶A personalized, unique learning experience for your toddlers

👶Well-known play-based program conducted in your house

👶The curriculum for your toddlers will be different from others as we have different potential

👶Certification upon completion for each level (around 40 lessons)

👶45 mins / 90 mins per session

6 months old +

📲Please scan the QR code below / send an email to [email protected]

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親子 - 幼兒教育(親子)
親子 - 學前遊戲小組 (Play Group)


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