Boxing Group Class & 1v1 Training 拳擊 西洋拳擊 團體課 私教

發表日期: 6/4/2024
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Boxing Group Class & 1v1 Training 拳擊 西洋拳擊 團體課 私教
商戶 : Verano Boxing Club
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聯絡方式 : 28178308 / 93569055
地址 : Shop 23, 1/F, Two Artlane 1 Chung Ching Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
簡介 : Our mission is to build an inclusive community – whether you aspire to be a professional fighter, learn boxing foundations, or simply improve your fitness. We will create tailored programs to help you reach your potential.

年齡範圍: 兒童(15歲或以下), 青年(15-24歲), 成人(24-65歲)

語言: 英文

人數: 1對1, 2至4人, 多於4人

教學模式: 面授

時間: 1 - 1.5 hour per session

價錢: HKD170-HKD1000

服務地區: 中西區

Learn Boxing with Experienced Coaches and Former Professional Fighters!


Discover the basics of boxing and get fit! Our Beginners Boxing Class covers essential movements, stances, and punches, all paired with cardio and conditioning exercises. Perfect for newcomers looking to learn boxing fundamentals and burn!


Looking to step up your boxing to the next level? Our Advanced Boxing Class will equip you with the sophisticated boxing strategies and techniques you need to enhance your tactics and build strength. Ideal for those ready to push their limits.


This is a supervised class and open to anyone that wants to work on their competition skills and techniques in a full-sized professional boxing ring. Step into the ring, hone your competition skills and feel the adrenaline against the ropes!


Want to start your day off right? Join us in the morning and kickstart your day with high-intensity training! These sessions will combine a powerful blend of boxing, cardio, and strength exercises to ensure you get the best start to your day.


Break up your day with a circuit training session to boost the midday endorphins! Drop in anytime during the session and sweat it out doing drills, pad work, cardio, and conditioning.


Wind down your weekend with a power-packed session! Join us on Sunday afternoon and sweat it out with some drills, pad work, cardio, and conditioning exercises. Start your week on a strong note.


Nurture your child’s boxing skills in a safe environment! Our Kids Boxing Class offers structured training in boxing fundamentals, ensuring a fun and educational experience.


Experience the dynamic art of Muay Thai! Suitable for all levels, our Muay Thai class combines striking, kicking, and self-defense techniques for a comprehensive workout.


Train like a pro and compete at your best! Designed for aspiring competitors, this class focuses on refining technique, boosting conditioning, and mastering boxing strategies through intensive sparring and specialized drills. You will build the mental toughn


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